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TASKcards scrum kanban for GLASS


› More reusable TASKcards for GLASS in case you run out
› Innovative reusable backing, without glue but-sticks excellent!
› Durable, reusable works on glass and all other flat surfaces
› This package includes 16 cards of the same color.
› Please choose your color when you order, available in 12 colors. We have the following color variations for the TASkcards: blue, navy blue, green, mint green, lime, black, grey, yellow, orange, magenta, purple.
› Measurements: 10,7 by 7 cm (4,2 x 2,7 in)

NOTE: Use our markers to write on these cards. Other markers can leave stains on the cards, which cannot be removed!

TASKcards for GLASS come with a 2-year warranty.

See full description below for all details and package contents.


PATboard cards are like sticky notes, but way better! It’s durable, reusable, works on glass and all other flat surfaces and above all; it looks fantastic! True Dutch design. The cards are easy to write on. It doesn’t smudge and is easy to clean with water.

Our glass products are not static but are equipped with PAThesive so you can turn any window, glassboard, whiteboard, door, cabinet or any other smooth and non-porous surface into a scrum board. All items can be easily written with our markers. The cards write like paper and are extremely easy to clean with water. Making them reusable over and over again.

Can be used to write down your sprint tasks. They come in different colors, so you assign tasks to different users or assign a type of task to a color. All cards have a foldable edge, which makes it easy to put on tour board and take them off again.

It can be used on all flat surfaces like:
› Whiteboards
› Glassboards
› Windows
› Cabinets
› Doors
› Fridges
› Tables etcetera.

It does the same as sticky notes, but way better! No falling down, no curling, reusable, leaves no marks and it looks excellent.

Working with a physical and visual agile project management tool improves team collaboration and engagement. It makes agile more fun! So, if your team needs a user friendly and well designed agile toolkit for their kanban board or scum board on GLASS, look no further!

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10.7 × 7 × 2.3 cm

Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Lime, Magenta, Mint green, Navy blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow


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