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High-quality kanban project management boards

These physical kanban boards produced by PATboard are the perfect tools for magnetic or glass surfaces. The kanban board is a great way to enhance project management in teams. If you are looking for kanban board magnets, Column Cards, Push Pin Magnets or nanocups for your kanban board, then PATboard is the perfect fit. With these kanban tools, you will be able to increase your team's productivity in an engaging way. The choice is yours, which kanban tool are you going to use first?

Kanban board examples

For the complete experience regarding the kanban way of working, it is beneficial to use a few tools adapted for the kanban board. First of all, the Full scrum kanban board kit provides you with all the basic equipment in order to get a head start. Other tools, such as the Magnetic Document Holder, the PATboard Cleaning Set, Story Cards scrum kanban or a Non-permanent marker set enhance the experience even more.

Using a kanban board in teams

Using the kanban board is the ultimate way to give a huge boost to your team’s productivity. Learning to work with PATboard’s kanban tools is a lot of fun and not complicated at all. Moreover, the use of nanocups for glass or board magnets is also sustainable, as PATboard’s products are reusable. Moreover, utilising the kanban board is a great way to promote teamwork and collaboration within your organisation. No more dull meetings and poor performance, let your organisation thrive with the PATboard kanban board.

Setting up the kanban board

Getting started with the kanban board of PATboard does not take a lot of time. First of all, a whiteboard or a glass wall is required. The kanban board magnets are most suitable for whiteboards, while nanocups for glass are very appropriate for a glass wall. Next to a usable surface and nanocups or magnets, other kanban tools such as a Non-permanent marker black or a Team icon set are also very helpful. PATboard can provide all these useful kanban board tools so that your team can soon improve its productivity. What are you waiting for?