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PATboard product catalogue

  • Scrum and kanban board magnets
  • Magnetic notes for agile
  • Agile weekly planner magnets
  • Lean planning magnets
  • Team icons and PATlanes
  • Scrum and kanban tools for GLASS
  • Lean tools for glass


  • magnetic or glass tools
  • reusable
  • durable
  • stackable
  • easy to clean
  • writes like paper
  • and save paper.

Making it very durable. You can use it over and over again. Cleaning is easy, just wipe it dry with a wet sheet or under a running tap. Sticky notes keep curling, falling down and looking messy on your board. With PATboard you leave all these disadvantages behind. It always sticks, looks good and doesn’t curl. It’s like a reusable sticky note, but magnetic. Our scrum magnets help to make it more visual and make communication tangible!