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The purpose of planning

Planning is not always an easy task, but you can make it a lot less difficult with the use of a PATboard planning board. The process of dividing tasks, assigning time slots and adding the necessary details is a lot less complicated with the help of a magnetic board. You can utilise the PATboard planning board for many different reasons, such as:

Plan out your day, week or month!

There are no specific rules when it comes to planning, only guidelines. Don’t be afraid to be creative by using a planning board to plan out your day, week or month. By using tools such as Scrum kanban magnets, you even have the possibility to shift tasks cards across the board. Don’t let anything hold you and your team back when planning. And don’t forget, the PATboard products can help you to achieve your goals!

Using a magnetic board for planning

Magnetic boards are great for planning, but keep in mind that it is important to possess a board of great quality. Luckily, PATboard offers you the possibility to work with the Agile weekly planner board set. This board set includes Scrum kanban magnets, multiple PATlanes column divider for scrum and kanban, a Cleaning Set and enough pens for writing. With the use of a physical magnetic board, you’ll always see your planning and progress in a clear and comprehensible manner. Moreover, it is a very helpful tool for physically structuring your planning. 

Other PATboard tools for planning

Using additional PATboard planning tools helps to enhance your team’s planning skills even further. Increase the visual clarity of your planning board by making use of the Planning DaysOfTheWeek or a Planning month set. On top of that, you can acquire an additional Non-permanent marker set so that more team members can join the planning process. Finally, use Emotion Icons magnetic or Status Icons magnetic to make planning more engaging and fun!