Product questions

I have some specific ideas for my scrum, kanban, planning or lean board. Can you customize?

Yes, we can. Contact us and let us know what your ideas are. We design and produce alle our products in-house, so we have the ability to create a custom design that suits your needs. And besides that, we have a lot of experience with teamwork, agile, scrum, kanban, lean and project management. We understand your working process and are able to take it to the next level with our products.

Have a look at a few examples of custom work on our website to get an idea of what kind of products we can deliver.

Request a quote for custom magnets here >

Why are your Task Cards better than a sticky note?

This is the reason why we designed and produced our products! Sticky notes curl, look messy and when you come to the office in the morning there are always a few sticky notes lying on the ground. And of course, you have no idea if they were already done or not. Sounds familiar? Our TASKcards are magnetic, reusable, washable and stackable. So it can do everything a sticky note can, without the disadvantages of a sticky note.

We aim to design and produce products that are premium quality, well designed and above all; user friendly!

How long do the Task Cards last?

We only use premium quality materials, a TASKcard can last for years. You can use it over and over again, eventually making it even cheaper than a sticky note.

Can I only use the markers PATboard provided with the cards?

The markers we provide are high quality and thoroughly tested on our products. The markers have water soluble ink, this makes sure all the ink comes of when you wash the cards. Other markers may work, but we experienced with some markers that, after a while, some of the ink doesn’t come of the cards, leaving stains.

What is the easiest way to wash my Task Cards?

If you need to clean just a few cards, you can use our cleaning kit. The reusable bottle can be filled with water, so just spray the cards and wipe with the cloth. Easy as that!

If you need to clean a large amount of cards, it is easier and faster to clean them under a running tap. Dry them with any cloth and leave them for a while to dry thoroughly. It might help to use warm water. Cleaning all the cards that are in a full set will take about 5 minutes.

*Don’t clean the cards in the dishwasher! This affects the coating and can destroy your cards.

The cloth in the PATboard cleaning kit (this is also in our sets) can be washed in the washing machine.

What size whiteboard should I use?

How big your scrum board should be depends on how many columns you want to use, how big your team is and how many tasks you have during one sprint.

Although it might sound complicated, it’s not. The main thing you should take into consideration is the width of your board. Our advice should be to take 30-40cm per column (depending on your team and tasks). The height can differ from 100cm to 150cm for a regular size, for bigger teams we would advise a whiteboard with sizes 200x120cm.

Want to buy a home,- basic,- or full tool set? These are the whiteboard sizes we advice for each set : 
  • Home – 100x100cm
  • Basic – 120x100cm
  • Full –  200x120cm
This is when the complete set is on the board, sizes can always differ!
Why should I use a physical agile, scrum or kanban board instead of an online board

A physical board facilitates a space where the team members can meet to gather, discuss and collaborate. This usually leads to better engagement and more ownership within the team.

For more information, please have a look at a ppt presentation about the advantages of a physical scrum board.

The nanocups cards for glass don't stick to the board anymore, what can I do?
The back of the card is made of nanocups. Nanocups are very tiny suction cups. These stick to any flat surface like glass, a whiteboard or a door. The nanocups can get clogged by dust or dirt. This happens for example after long time of intensive use or if you accidentily drop the cards on the floor. This is what you could try to make the stick again:
  •  Rinse the back of the card with water and rub the dirt off with a cloth and let the card dry thoroughly;
  •  If this doesn’t work, you can try cleaning vinegar instead of water

Please note: It is very important to gently press the card to the surface, so the nanocups can really stick to the surface.

Are the Task Cards in S(mall) and L(arge) sizes also available in different colors?
Yes, they are! Our small and large Task Cards are available in 6 different colors. 

Shipping, payment and order related questions

How does PATboard deal with COVID-19?
Despite COVID-19, all products are in stock and we ship daily. We can’t help any delays that might happen at our delivery partners. Please keep an eye on the track and trace link provided, so you can track your package at all times!
Our team works as much as possible from home. We take all necessary measures very seriously and ensure that our hands are disinfected before the orders are packed. Stay safe and healthy! 
What is the delivery time for my order? Where is my package?

Depending on which country you are in, there are different shipping times. You received an e-mail with a link to track&trace your package. Please have a look at his page to see where your package is.

If you think the package is lost or taking too long to get delivered, please contact us by mail, chat or WhatsApp. We’re happy to assist you!

Check this link for information on shipping and delivery times.

My creditcard payment failed. What happened?

In most cases you entered the wrong card details or your card is not valid. Please contact your card provider to solve any issue. If everything is OK, but it still won’t work; don’t hesitate to contact us via mail, chat or WhatsApp. We’re happy to help!

Do I have to pay VAT?

We are based in The Netherlands, Europe. If your company is from outside the Netherlands, you DON’T have to pay VAT in the following cases:

  • If you provide a valid EU VAT number on checkout
  • If you order from outside Europe
Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, you can. But only as a company and after contacting us! Send us your purchase order and we will let you know if you can pay by invoice. Also let us know if we need to put your purchase order number on the invoice. After that you can order your products in our shop, and choose ‘Pay on account’ on checkout.

Do you have a reseller in my own country?

No, we don’t have resellers. We design, produce and distribute our own products worldwide. We have worldwide stock locations so we can deliver fast in Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

What are my payment options?

We have several secure payment options to pay your order. In the checkout screen you can see your payments options. The available payment options are based on the selected country and the device you use. Below the list of all payment options:

  • Credit card (VISA | MasterCard | AMEX)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • SOFORT Banking
  • Bancontact / MisterCash
  • Giropay
  • Pay by invoice
Can you make a quotation?

Yes, of course! Please click here to request a quotation. Please select the product(s) you want a quote for and fill out your details. Normally we will respond with one business day.

What does shipping on with incoterm DAP mean?

If your shipping address is from outside of the European Union, we will send your order with incoterm DAP (delivered at place). This means you are responsible for paying any applicable import duties and taxes, including clearance and local taxes. These are additional costs you have to pay when you receive the package or want to receive the package.