Custom agile board magnets shop

Order customized magnets for your agile, scrum or kanban board. Whether you want to include your company logo, have magnets in different sizes or a new concept altogether, let us know. Our magnets can be ordered in many sizes and colors. They are reusable, washable and make work more fun! Find a small selection of our customers below.

Custom agile board magnets shop

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Bring fun to teamwork

Using a physical and visual project management board within agile teams improves collaboration and engagement. This also makes your workplace and office look much better. Our products have great design and are fun to work with! Besides using a whiteboard, you can also create an agile wall, visualising your entire process. This gives great insight, at any time, for all project stakeholders. Our agile board magnets are the ideal solution!

We create our products from our own passion for agile workplaces. Creating visual tools for agile project management is in our DNA. We think physical agile tools can help achieve better communication, collaboration and fun in teams!

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