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Product features

Physical agile tools for
your scrum board or
kanban board.

All experts agree that a physical agile scrum board improves team collaboration and engagement. Our tools are physical, visual, reusable, magnetic and colorful. It turns every magnetic whiteboard or wall into the most powerful tool for agile teams. Check all our innovative product features in the short videos below!
I've ordered TASKcards and am very impressed how good they really are. I needed some advise when ordering them and got help immediately per chat. Thank you very much!
Elena Schnizer
Elena Schnizer
08:43 28 Feb 17
Super helpful individuals working there whom I challenged on delivery schedule and went the extra mile to make the delivery happen on time. Many thanks to the team and I will be happy to do business with you in the future!
09:27 30 Jan 17
Works as specified and 'professionalized' a setup that we have been running with post-its during a test phase.
Ivan Vogelius
Ivan Vogelius
22:13 23 Jan 17
These guys created PATboard from their passion for scrum/agile. A great product, it works intuitive and looks amazing! Thanks.
John Dalemeyer
John Dalemeyer
14:53 23 Feb 16
Good job !
Vincent Bonivert
Vincent Bonivert
08:51 02 Mar 17
Our board arrived very quickly and was easy to setup. The whole solution is very high quality. My team is blown away with the clarity we now have across all team tasks, workloads and progress. If you got as far as reading this review, I recommend you buy now!
Derek Evans
Derek Evans
08:25 07 Jun 17
Love the PATboard products. Customer service is fast, friendly and personal. PATboard is a great partner for the outstanding products we use for our Kanban board needs.
Josh S
Josh S
12:25 19 Jun 17
Everything worked as intended. Very useful tools in our everyday life.
Hell train
Hell train
05:22 22 Jun 17
We love our board! It's exactly what we needed to get a quick view of where we are with projects, and to guide our Scrums.
Kate Brady
Kate Brady
15:10 04 May 17


TASKcards are easy to wash. Just keep them under a running tap and the ink washes off instantly! You can also wash just a few cards with a damp cloth or wet wipes. This means the cards are reusable over and over again!


Write on the TASKcards with our non-permanent markers with water soluble ink. Allow a few seconds to  dry. After that the ink stays on the card, even if you accidentally touch it.


With COLUMNcards you can easily name the columns on your board. We have standard COLUMNcards available, but we can also make custom cards with a specific text. With COLUMNcards you are always flexible and you can create a scrum board to your own wishes.


Easily mark impediments on your scrum board. You can slide them over a TASKcard to assign it to a specific task. There is also a small space on the IMPEDIMENTcard to note what the impediment is about.


All TASKcards have a foldable edge. Always giving you grip! Makes it easy to take a card from your scrum board or to place it anywhere you want.


TASKcards are partially magnetic. This allows you to stack the cards. This has several advantages. Stacking saves space on your scrum board and you are able to easily move an entire stack of cards on your board.


With blank COLUMNcards you can create your own columns on your scrum board or kanban board. It’s easy and flexible!


It is easy to slide cards behind each other or grab a card from stack. This way you can always quickly pick or place the card you need.


PATlanes are our flexible column dividers. You can visually create columns (or) rows with our PATlanes. They are adjustable in length, between 10 and 110 cm. They have our special PAThesive backing, which allows them to stick on any flat surface!


TASKcards are magnetic. This means you can slide them over the board. To move them or to add them to a stack of other cards. So, just slide it!