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Agile scrum tools for physical scrum boards

These professional PATboard scrum board tools are the ultimate physical agile scrum tools for your glass or magnetic scrum board. The items are designed to stick to your board smoothly and effortlessly, without falling down or curling up.

The cards have a foldable tab. Tabs makes it easy to take your cards from the board and to slide them to another place. They are like sticky notes, but way better! The items are stackable, reusable, and look fantastic. They are easy to write on and the ink doesn’t smudge. Easily clean the cards with water and reuse them for years. It’s sustainable; you don’t have to throw away paper sticky notes after every use anymore. PATboard scrum board magnets are the solution for less waste.

Visualise the workflow with scrum tools

PATboard physical scrum tools boost a team’s performance, communication and creativity. This is because working with a physical scrum board stimulates team collaboration and engagement. It makes all agile projects more fun and successful. So, if your team needs user friendly and well-designed agile scrum tools for their scrum board, look no further!

We believe that with physical scrum tools, teams will work more efficiently, deliver higher quality and have more fun at work. This all can be achieved through close team collaboration, which can be realized with a physical scrum board. A physical board creates an overview of all tasks of a project and improves visibility for all stakeholders. It motivates the team to gather, discuss and collaborate. Motivating the team to exchange expert views leads to better communication, more ownership, better products and less unwanted delays.

Physical scrum board full tool kit

Amongst others, our full scrum tool kit includes Task Cards, Column Cards, Story Cards, Impediment Cards, PATlanes and non-permanent markers in different colors, all consisting of great design which makes them fun to work with. So gather around, discuss ideas, and make work more fun.

Nanocups or magnetic scrum boards

We have designed scrum board tools for both magnetic and glass surfaces. The magnetic scrum board tools are equipped with a magnetic backing to stick to metal surfaces, so you can create the best looking agile scrum board on your whiteboard or magnetic wall.

The glass tools are equipped with our innovative nanocups technology, which makes the cards stick to glass or any other flat and non-porous surface. Like this, you can also create your physical scrum board on a glass wall, glass board or window.

At PATboard we are passionate to design our products to look fantastic and used high-quality materials so you can keep using them for years. The true Dutch design makes them look beautiful, colorful and fun.