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The benefits of using nanocups for scrum

The nanocups of PATboard are the perfect tools for scrum project management. Stick them onto a glass surface and be ready to write. After that, see how your team’s performance will increase while everyone is having fun! Next to that, nanocups are scrum tools that are very very easy to use. When working with them, you can place them on every spot of a glass wall. They also work on other surfaces such as doors and windows, as long as they are non-porous.

Visual project management on a glass surface

Are you interested in using a scrum board for visual project management? Then the scrum board nanocups are simply perfect for you and your team. These physical agile tools look amazing on a glass surface. Working with a scrum board is already very pleasant, but on a glass surface you notice the benefits even more. Promote creativity and make use of a scrum board with nanocups.

Useful scrum kanban board kits for glass or other non-porous surfaces

PATboard offers multiple types of kanban board kits that will suit your team perfectly. First, the Basic scrum kanban board kit - nanocups for glass, is enough for people that want to start using a scrum board. This kit is also sufficient for teams that only need the basics. The Full scrum kanban board kit is ideal for teams requiring the ultimate scrum experience. Everything you may need is included. Finally, the Home scrum kanban board kit - nanocups for glass, is useful for when you can’t get enough of scrum and you have a glass wall available at home.

Additional equipment for working with nanocups scrum boards

There is more equipment available to increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. PATboard can help with this, as we offer Column Cards, Task Cards, PATboard cleaning sets, Team icon sets and Emoticons, all for the use of scrum board

Take a look and discover all the possibilities with the use of nanocups and other additional scrum tools PATboards products for scrum!