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Professional project management tools

These professional PATboard components allow you to build a completely customized project management board for agile or lean on magnetic or smooth surfaces. The Column Cards, Task Cards, Story Cards, and Impediment Cards are perfect for the scrum framework and the kanban framework.

We also offer lean board components. The Document Holders, Title Holders, and Lean Magnets are great to assemble a visual management board. Measuring and visualizing data is key to making continuous improvement.

Create your customized scrum kanban or lean board

Creating a personalized scrum board or kanban board has never been easier. Your team prefers a certain color code? Or our Full Tool Set isn’t suitable for the size of your whiteboard? No problem! Simply choose the components in the color and quantity you need to create your scrum board, kanban board, or lean board.

Make your whiteboard or glassboard complete by adding whiteboard accessories like Document Holders, Magnetic Hooks, or Emotion Magnets.

All your whiteboard accessories in one place

In the PATboard components store, you can find whiteboard accessories, such as non-permanent markers, Push Pin Magnets, Document Holders, cleaning sets and more.

Keep your planning board organized with the PATboard Storage Tray. It is a whiteboard organizer to store all your scrum or kanban cards and whiteboard accessories.

Nanocups or magnetic agile tools

The project management components are available for magnetic and glass surfaces. Simply choose the type that suits the needs of your workspace.

Do you work in an office with glass walls? Then our nanocups agile tools are perfect for you and your team! Nanocups is an innovative technology that works with thousands of microscopic suction cups. You can stick our nanocups products to whiteboards, windows, doors and other non-porous surfaces.

The magnetic scrum kanban board tools are equipped with a magnetic backing to stick to metal surfaces. You can use them to create a scrum board or kanban board on your whiteboard or magnetic wall.