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Agile tools with innovative nanocups technology

Do you want to build a scrum kanban board in an office with glass walls? Then our nanocups agile tools are perfect for you and your team! Nanocups is an innovative technology that works with thousands of microscopic suction cups. You can stick our nanocups products to whiteboards, glassboards, windows, doors and other non-porous surfaces.

The nanocups components are great to create a scrum board or kanban board at home. Simply stick them to a large window, completely flat door or cabinet.

Scrum kanban tools for glass

The components store allows you to build a completely customized scrum kanban or lean board on glass and all other smooth surfaces. Simply choose the components in the color and quantity you need.

The nanocups Column Cards, Task Cards, Story Cards, and Impediment Cards are perfect for the kanban and scrum framework. They stick without glue, are stackable, reusable and above all, they look fantastic!

All your whiteboard accessories in one place

In the PATboard components store, you can find whiteboard accessories, such as column dividers, non-permanent markers, cleaning sets and more.

We also have nanocups team icons to visualize who is responsible for which task on your project planning board. Team icons or emoticons make your work extra fun and visual.