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Modubooq™ shop for personal and professional use

Modubooq™ by PATboard is the ultimate personal and professional reusable notebook. By taking notes, you can improve your productivity and mental clarity. Still, you can do that with a traditional notebook too, right? Well, it would be a shame to not take advantage of the benefits that this reusable and modular notebook has to offer. The quality is superb, the durability is infinite and the aesthetics are amazing.

What makes the pages of this notebook reusable? Well, they are carefully designed duratech3™ pages. This means that the quality is great and you can easily clean the pages by using a cleaning spray or by holding them under a tab. 

Stop wasting paper and start using a smart and reusable notebook

Are you used to wasting hundreds of pages each year with your current notebooks? Or are you not satisfied with the current quality when writing? In those cases, a top-notch, intelligent notebook is the perfect solution. When you are done writing down all of your thoughts, comments, and notes, you simply use a scanner application to upload everything to a cloud drive. By doing this, you can access your notes from wherever you want! Of course, it is still important to erase your previous notes so that you can continue writing again.

With modubooq™ our smart notebook, this is not an issue. Erasing the text on your pages can be done within a matter of seconds. All you need to do is get some water and then you can erase and clean everything that you have written down. 

The ultimate reorganizable notebook for bullet journaling

Did you know that modubooq™ can be classified as a modular notebook? This means that you can reorganize every single page! This benefits the flexibility and creativity of the note-taking process. Next to that, this modular notebook also includes useful features such as monthly and weekly pages. It is no surprise that all these characteristics make it the perfect A5 notebook. In addition to all these great features, the notebook contains a discbound system. The classy looking discs make it very easy to take out and reorganize each page of the notebook.

Would you like to read more about how to combine a bullet journal with a discbound system? Then take a look at this blog! Simply put, the use of modubooq™ will benefit your productivity, creativity, and inspiration. Also, it is the perfect sustainable tool for note taking. Organize the pages in the way you like and start writing!

Our story

At PATboard, we want to make people enthusiastic about the agile business world of scrum, kanban, and lean. Next to that, we also support individuals in becoming more productive and organized. We believe that with our tools, teams and individuals will work more efficiently, deliver higher quality, and above all have more fun!