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Scrum kanban board tools for GLASS shop

Buy our professional scrum board tool kit for GLASS. A physical scrum or kanban board improves collaboration in your agile team. It’s durable, reusable, works on glass and all other flat surfaces! Find a small selection of our customers below.

Scrum or kanban board cards for GLASS

Our scrum board cards are the perfect tool for every scrum board on GLASS. All you need is a window, glassboard, whiteboard, door, fridge, cabinet, table etcetera and you can turn it in to a powerful agile board. The kanban cards work on glass and all other flat surfaces. Our scrum cards are reusable, washable and stackable. Making it very durable. You can use it over and over again. Cleaning is easy, just wipe it dry with a wet sheet or under a running tap. Post-its or sticky notes keep curling, falling down and looking messy on your scrum board. With PATboard you leave all these disadvantages behind. It always sticks, looks good and doesn’t curl. It’s like a reusable post-it or sticky note. Our scrum and kanban cards help making it more visual and make communication tangible!

Bring fun to teamwork

Using a physical and visual project management board for scrum and kanban improves collaboration and engagement in your agile team. It also makes your workplace and office look much better. Our products have great design and are fun to work with! Besides using a whiteboard or any other flat surface, you can also create an agile wall, visualising your entire scrum process. This gives great insight, at any time, for all project stakeholders. Our scrum or kanban board cards for GLASS are the ideal solution!

We create our products from our own passion for agile scrum. Creating visual tools for agile project management is in our DNA. We think physical agile tools can help achieve better communication, collaboration and fun in teams!

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