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Using PATboard’s nanocups as kanban board tools

Are you looking for the perfect kanban board tool that can be utilised for a glass wall, window or any other smooth surface? Then the professional PATboard nanocups scrum kanban board kit would be a perfect choice. Physical agile tools not only make your organisation more productive, but they also help to make your office more modern. Using a glass wall instead of a whiteboard also creates more space. To put it simply, with the PATboard scrum kanban board kit, your team is ready to take project management to a whole new level.

The advantages of using a glass wall for kanban project management

Glass walls might just be the perfect surface for kanban project management. First of all, there is no need to purchase additional whiteboards, you can simply use the glass wall that is already available. Moreover, the visibility is great when a glass wall is being utilised for kanban project management. Team members can spot the kanban board from quite a distance on the wall and this sight can remind them of the tasks they should fulfil. Also, glass walls are usually larger than whiteboards. This additional space can be used for more kanban tools. And who does not agree, a PATboard kanban board simply looks visually appealing on a glass wall.

The PATboard scrum kanban board kit for glass

For a glass surface, the PATboard scrum kanban board kits are very suitable. The full scrum kanban board kit provides a team with everything they need for their project management. Nanocups tools stick to all non-porous surfaces, like a window or a glass wall. You can also put the nanocups tools on any whiteboard or glassboard that you already have in the office.

Next to that, the design of the PATboard’s nanocups is great. You can write as easily on them as you could on paper. And when you want to reuse the nanocups cards, simply wash them off with water and it’s possible to write on them again! Finally, the scrum kanban board nanocups have been produced with top quality materials, so they are usable for a very long time period.

Additional PATboard kanban board tools for glass walls

Besides the nanocups, there are many additional tools that can be used for the kanban board on a glass surface. PATboard offers you a wide range of possibilities, such as PATlanes column dividers, Story Cards scrum kanban, the PATboard cleaning set and the Non-permanent marker set. Combining these physical agile kanban board tools will really give your team the boost they need to become more productive.