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High-quality writing using whiteboards

Do you need a high-quality whiteboard for in your office? Then look no further, the available whiteboards that PATboard offers are very suitable. Selecting a whiteboard, mobile whiteboard or glassboard that you can rely on is not easy. However, with the quality you’ll receive, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Please take a look at all the available options and choose a whiteboard that fits the needs of your team.

Write, show and teach like never before!

Everyone that has written on a whiteboard before knows how smooth and effortless it is to write on it. At PATboard, we want to make sure that you notice this every time you write on our boards. It does not matter whether it is a large whiteboard, mini whiteboard, glass whiteboard or whiteboard with stand, we assure you that it will always be a wonderful experience.

The best magnetic whiteboards and glassboards in the market

Not only do you get to choose great whiteboards such as the Lintex ONE whiteboard or Lintex Edge whiteboard, but at PATboard we also offer glassboards. If you’re looking for something more stylish and modern, then a glassboard like the Lintex Mood Wall glassboard or the Lintex Silk Wall glasboard will be perfect. Next to that, you can also opt for a mobile whiteboard. This type of whiteboard with stand is moveable, which is ideal if flexibility is required at the office. Still nothing of interest? No worries, at PATboard we also offer Chameleon Writing Custom whiteboard solutions!

PATboard accessories for whiteboards and glassboards

While great things can be achieved with the use of a whiteboard or glassboard, some additional accessories can really make a difference. PATboard has great tools in the store, such as Push Pin Magnets, a Lintex Accessory kit or a Lintex Mood box are great options for increasing creativity and the usability experience. Do you want to get the maximum out of working with a whiteboard, glassboard or mobile whiteboard? Order it at PATboard and there is no way you will regret it! Take a look at all our options in the PATboard store.