Magnetic document & title holders

These visual document & title holders are the perfect tool for presenting information in a professional manner. If you often need to show new documents to your team, these holders are very useful. Change documents quickly and place them on your lean, scrum or kanban board. Also, your documents will stay straight and like new!

Grab the lip and easily lift a corner to insert or remove a document. If you need to add changes to the document, you can write on the surface with our non permanent markers. The rounded corners and the magnetic backing ensure a professional appearance.

The material of this product is made of plastic PET bottles and lasts a long time. Easy to recycle and better for the environment!

Use a Document Holder for:

  • Visualization of production progress on OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) boards.
  • Communicate documents with your team that change frequently.
  • Display team activities of 5S team (Lean Manufacturing method).
  • In combination with our scrum set, kanban set and LEAN set
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