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Whiteboards for agile, kanban & scrum

Whiteboard for agile, kanban & scrum boards. High quality whiteboard from white enamelled steel (800ºC). Whiteboard for highly intensive and permanent use. Anodised aluminium softline profile with grey synthetic corners. Including mounting material and 30 cm pen tray.

We only sell professional quality whiteboards, for intensive use:

  • All board we sell have an excellent magnetic steel surface
  • Enamel steel coating. This actually is a glass layer that is heated up to 800 degrees and then burned onto a steel plate. This assures the highest quality writing surface and preventing issues with erasing your board.
  • Enamel coated steel boards have a 25 year guarantee on the writing surface
  • Proper thickness in board backing. This ensures a sturdy quality feel and a flat surface no matter the size of the board
  • Boards are designed and produced in the Netherlands (Europe)