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Boost your scrum team

BZTRS (pronounced ‘boosters’) gives retail entrepreneurs a boost to take steps to grow their business. BZTRS have recently taken steps to create a suitable scrum system for their scrum teams.  About BZTRS BZTRS is there for the entrepreneurs who want to make decisions based on figures and data. They have two offices in the Netherlands, […]

Together we will find the perfect customized project board for your company

We have managed to offer a selection of physical and visual tools for your project board that improves interaction and collaboration within a team. But what if that is not enough? What if you need a solution that works throughout your whole company or for a specific purpose? We understand that every company is different […]

Customized solutions for a physical planning board – lean, agile scrum or kanban board

custom magnets for lean, agile scrum or kanban board- visual project management

We know that one size doesn’t fit all. Not all teams work the same. Each individual brings his of her own share to the group and defines it. It doesn’t come as a surprise that not all existing PATboard products will comply with the needs of each and every single agile team. With years of […]