How to set up your perfect home office!

More and more people are working from home. A lot of them love it and want to keep working from home, even when they are allowed to go back to the office. In most cases, people are more productive at home and get more work done. But are also working longer hours, because the line between work and private life is very thin. The most important thing about working from home is your workspace. Let us help you set up the ultimate home office!

There are a couple things you should consider when setting up your office at home.

  1. The space

    Still working at your kitchen,- or dining table? No, no, no! Having a dedicated workspace helps you to get less distracted and also let go of work at the end of the day. Don’t have a spare bedroom or space for an office? You can easily create an ‘office space’ by adding a little desk and a rug in the room.

  2. A decent chair and… Light!

    Working for 8 hours behind your computer on a ‘normal’ chair is not good for your health. 80% of all people experience back pain at least once (Health24, 2019). It is the biggest fatigue from the last couple of years. A good chair and sitting position can help prevent back pain!

    Lighting can also have a huge impact on your productivity and health. The best lighting for a workspace is always natural lighting. When you work in an office space, ‘UGR’ is an important aspect when it comes to light. UGR indicates if the lights bring any light nuisance / glare. A low indication means less nuisance and in this case; less is better! Apart from less stress and headache, natural light is also proven to bring more happiness throughout the day!

  3. Tools

    Did you know that 1 out of 5 people miss their tools from the office? Research shows that employers are more willing to make a one-time investment, than paying for monthly costs while working from home (Buffer, 2020). So do you need something for your home office? A good chair, a laptop stand or a planning board? Don’t hesitate to ask your employer!

    A planning board can also help with staying motivated. Easily communicate your tasks with your team by discussing it via Zoom/ Hangouts and you are ready to go for the whole week!

  4. Decoration

    Decorating your workspace can help make it really yours. Don’t overdo it, but a small plant or a painting can help a lot!
    There are several air-purifying plants out there, like the: Chlorophytum comosum ‘Ocean’ (also known as the spider plant). According to NASA research, this plant is very good at removing the harmful substances benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. Up to 95% of all dust in the air. A little plant, with huge advantages.

With these steps and the tips we gave you in past blog posts you have all the information and tips to create your ideal workspace. Good luck and have fun setting everything up!

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