Boost your scrum team

BZTRS (pronounced ‘boosters’) gives retail entrepreneurs a boost to take steps to grow their business. BZTRS have recently taken steps to create a suitable scrum system for their scrum teams. 


BZTRS is there for the entrepreneurs who want to make decisions based on figures and data. They have two offices in the Netherlands, where three teams with different disciplines work. To boost a business you can sometimes use a push. With the help of one of their expertises, or all of them; strategy, branding, web development, online marketing, business intelligence, retail automation and services & support. 

The various areas of expertise originated from the merger of various disciplines in the field of software and business development. They joined forces to help companies with analysis and monitoring trends. Within these multidisciplinary teams, they felt it was time for visual planning. They were looking for a system in which they could map out the planning. 

Started with a scrum system

They started with scrum via a digital board and post-its. The only problem was that the digital board took a lot of team members out of the flow, because they were too busy with what it should look like (which font, which colors, how are we going to decorate it?). When they started writing tasks on post-its, they noticed how nice it was to write out tasks. 

Yet they still ran into an issue: they threw away about 1,000 post-its a week. A mortal sin of course, that had to change. So they started looking for a reusable, sustainable tool so they could visualize their planning.

Use of PATboard tools

With PATboard’s Task Cards they have tackled all these issues and are able to visualize their weekly schedule and discuss every day, who is going to do what. They use this scrum system every morning to discuss which projects and tasks are scheduled that day. One department uses it as a weekly planner where you discuss each day (Monday – Friday) and another department uses a kanban board: to do, doing, done and on hold.

By using the Task Cards, much less paper is wasted and their planning looks less cluttered. Once a week it is someone’s turn to clean the cards and they can use them for yet another week!

BZTRS about working with the PATboard scrum system

‘’We are especially pleased with its visual character and how a planning board helps you to focus on the right deadlines and priorities. It also strengthens communication within the team. You know exactly what everyone is doing and what is best; you proactively offer your help if you find it matches your professional knowledge and skills. That strengthens a team.’’ 

A visual tool is very useful, whether it is for a weekly agenda, scrum methodology, project progress or strategic session, with PATboard you can go in all directions!”.

This blog is written in collaboration with Vera from BZTRS.